Sunday, 8 March 2009

twelve o'clock...

magical night it was, and well, even fairy tales like cinderella have a twelve o'clock deadline. turns out that reality ain't all that different from cinder's tale. no, the car did not quite turn back into a pumpkin, though the driver of the night did land up with a stupid parking offence. goddamnit.

well, at least the magic lasted while it did, so guess when the clock struck twelve, all is back at where it was before. life is cruel, and most unfortunately, without a doubt, the joke is still on me. bet my bottom dollar on this one.

sad to say, ain't laughing though, for it ain't quite possible to. bad start to a day, what luck. just my luck if all is well, does not end well, for somehow, perhaps, in the stars it is; and well, it is inevitable that it has not been and is not quite possible to shake off the ominous foreboding.

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