Monday, 20 July 2009

sight out of the blue...

it has been quite awhile since the last time a dream popped into sight in the middle of sleep. two possible explanations to that, one being the scientific one where one's mind is just too overactive for its own good that it overrides into the sleep system later on when the body decides to get shut eye, and two being the never believed but happens time travel so that there would be the pop up dejavu feeling in the future, or the old "something is happening to someone me know who is close to me". well, going with the history of how the dodo's life has been, the conclusion naturally fell into the pachinko pocket of the last bit of an option.

it is certainly not one signs up for, but it is what it is, has been what it has been. the worst part is probably knowing that nuts can be done despite knowing, albeit an unconventional way, what is going on, of sorts. that said, weird blue moon jack in the box dreams with no particular or specific meaning for the matter can drive anyone absolutely nuts, especially when the encountered person in it yesternight is completely unexpected.

talk about a sight out of the blue. that has to be randomity at its best, not. not looking forward to the part when everything fast forwards somehow and am going to be hit with finding out what the dream means, not to mention that nagging little bit of why, unexplained just really does not cut it.

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