Wednesday, 5 August 2009


work trips can be both business and pleasure, if the former is completely accomplished, and the latter in monitored moderation. one thing is for sure, the weekend was quite a splash, in more ways than one. was one of those lucky ones who had the better and worst end of the stick all at once, but guess it could be considered all part of the fun, if one can genuinely think of hitting the waters, no, make that being flung and go flying into the waters, not once, but twice, from a banana boat ride due to mischievous sabotage from the boat man, and having the body pretty much battered and bruised from the hard hits.

pretty much was up the whole weekend work trip doing a little unexpected caretaking, now it is just a matter of crossing the fingers that there is no further whiplash from the happenings. if anything, the girlfriend was right in saying "alcohol and girls equal trouble", though in honesty, think "free flow alcohol and girls equate to disaster waiting to happen" is more like it. it is a record in itself that there ain't no body count, though the aftermath ain't much of a pretty sight either.

that said, the beautiful beach scenary and some of the nicer bits of the schedule that was gotten for the shooting totally made up for all the icky misgivings. a powdery sandy beach, with sand creamy white and unbelievably soft that my feet were in foot heaven, not to mention the aquamarine crystal clear blue waters by the shore, and the gradients of blue spanned across the sea. a wondrous sight beyond description indeed, and with it, an unexpected reminder of promises unfulfilled, and unrealized dreams.

such splendour with its twinge of simplicity is definitely more than enough to want to head back again for a short getaway on my own, just to have time and space away from it all, and somehow find headway with where things are going, or seem to be at least. and perhaps, just perhaps, sense and sensibility will all come crashing back, with a renewed clarity, just like those very waters, in sure repetitive waves against the shore. and in a reluctant departure, the troubled worries will unwittingly, somehow or other, be left behind.

everything of late has been pretty much like mortal combat, and survival of the fittest is getting a little too tired for liking. a rat race this is, and a bloody brutal one at that. wonder if would eventually end up making some big splash, alongside an eyecatching headliner going, "dead for nothing".


Anonymous said...

Hi dear,

Two hands up to volunteer as your travelmate.

your most faithful fan

the little boy said...

hi dear...
thanks... the thought's appreciated... really... do take care yourself aight??? -hug-