Sunday, 2 August 2009

spoilt surprise...

rushed like mad after the overnight work trip so as to be able to celebrate mommy's birthday with her, even if it is only for those last few minutes before the clock strikes twelve. well, made it back in time, with a little surprise on the side for her, only for the cat to be let out of the bag, by an all too practical daddy who did not think twice despite the specific reminders to keep mom. it really bummed me and took the surprise out of "surprise" literally, especially after all the effort to try to get it done somehow.

it was not very much, just a simple cake and a softly sung song. one can only hope that mommy did not mind that it was that drib drab given all the last minute happenings. at least it can be said, without all the fancy ado, in all its true plainness, it is with all one's well wishes and love.

moral of the story, never ever trust your daddy to keep a surprise, it can only get spoilt. that aside, got to give him credit for coming to pick me up so that am able to make it back before the cinderella hour, so guess that cancels out his undoing. so yes, once again, happy birthday mommy.

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