Wednesday, 9 September 2009

close girlfriend's wedding...

crazy busy schedule from rehearsals and all almost tore me away from attending a close girlfriend's wedding whom had promised to go for ages ago. the small affair was nothing short of beautiful, and really could not be happier for the couple given that they were really the epitome of perfect imperfection, intertwined to breathe a whole new definition into what it means to have lives meant to be melded together.

best part would probably be the fact that there is actually a part two to it, very much like a sequel indeed, and god knows what that would be like when it happens. until then, bet it does not get any whackier than the uber cool wedding entrance with the whole entourage dancing down the aisle. makes me think back on my own crazy impulsive moments where there was this temptation to yell out "happy new year" in the church when the clock struck the auspicious hour of midnight where the new year was being ushered in with the church bells striking its twelve rings in slow sureness, with the entire congregation in golden silence, the atmosphere in an unbelievable ethereal peace.

well, in my defence, this little one was eight then and thought that would be pretty cool since it has never been done before, though that would probably have shamed my parents into wanting to go into hiding in the himalayas for the rest of their living days. that was never done, though there has been many a time where the "what if..." was pondered about. after all, insane antics like these are certainly once in a lifetime, irreplaceable, and very much unforgettable.

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