Thursday, 3 September 2009


many a day, there is this one thought that creeps up in all its silence, after lying in complete stillness, dormant, patiently waiting, waiting for an opportunity to pounce that random surprise that would throw me totally off balance. many a time, it never fails to do so. no reason why.

nevertheless, a fortuitous tidbit like this would somehow conveniently pop on by, inadvertently reminding me of that one lesson often carelessly forgotten. and somehow, somewhere, along the way, another is conveniently stringed along. times like these make me question if there really is such a thing known as an arbitary incident, or if such instances actually play into a "chance happening" where it is, in all actuality, just another micropiece of a gigantuan puzzle.

we are not really all that different, neither are we all that similar. if so, what are we really then??? or rather, think the bigger, as well as more prelevant, question is actually about the "who", and not so much the "what".

somehow, for some strange reason, the old man spoke to me, in that tiny instant, when he told the girl to close her eyes. it brought me back to that one moment in time, where it was once possible to actually play a piano piece, and an examination piece at that, with my eyes shut. remembered my piano teacher telling me to just let my fingers glide over the black and white keys, as it instinctively would, and just, well, go by feel. in my mind, it was deemed mission impossible. however, apparently, it was not quite so. not only was the piece played blindly, it was, miraculously, executed flawlessly. a high distinction was scored for that particular piano practical examination. it was the very first, and sadly, also the very last. that said, this one off, is probably better off far buried beneathe the sands of time, coming under the category of "an accident" that belongs in a time, of too long ago.

perhaps, it is imperative, and time, to be that little child once more. or is it importunate to leave it all behind, and be that little child no more??? or perhaps, it is what it is.

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Take care, my dear.