Friday, 20 November 2009


with the coming of this day, daddy reaches yet another milestone in his life. it is a little hard to fully comprehend how daddy is officially now in his golden years and can be considered eligible for that claim to an elderly status, but guess that is how time just slips on by. yet again, it feels just like any other day of the year.

that aside, this special benchmark was earmarked with a rather peculiar, and definitely smashing, prezzie from mommy. so yes, daddy is now a proud owner of a brand new nintendo wii system, big thanks to a mommy who attempts to be hip and hop with the latest trend these days. well, the expression of the year was nothing short of classic, not to mention daddy's words on receiving his prezzie, "wow, you bought a wonderful birthday present for me, for yourself, thank you", brilliant.

in view of how this distressing year has been one of destitution and woe, guess it can be said that there is much to be thankful for in this little blessing that daddy has lived to see another year after all the previous mishaps. for now, the wii has been successfully set up and planted in the living room, with four wee little mee characters created for what is hoped to be more family fun and many more years to come. so in all seriousness, definitely got to say, whee...!?!

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Moi said...

Can I come play?