Monday, 30 November 2009

brilliant talent...

there is a knowing that brilliant talent is all around, waiting to be discovered, if only to be uncovered. boundaries are set by one, and therefore, through logical deduction, that would technically mean the boundaries can be pushed, and readjusted to fit one's needs and wants. and if all else fails, guess it falls back on the "fail safe" option of "just settle for...".

at the very end of it, it really matters not, not one teeny weeny bit. it is found, that perhaps, one is really no more special, and is pretty much just as mediocre as the rest of the fish in the sea. oh merry merry me, oh so sad, but oh so true.

that said, there is no harm appreciating the beauty in the brilliant talent found in others that one so lacks in all entity. so where have failed to express in any capacity, here is a little piece that spoke volumes to and for me, all about you who has recently left all of us for a better place we know where you know no sorrow or pain. in my words, in my world, in that very way me know how.

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