Wednesday, 23 July 2008

come all ye little ones...

there must be some sort of baby craze going on. either that, or it is just me. the latest trend? baby spotting. it ain’t at all deliberate considering the babies just pop up out of nowhere, everywhere. it is as if they are hidden in every nook and cranny, ready to pop out at you and jolt your senses into a puddle of mushy goo or a glob of revulsion. there are the cute ones you want to just pick up and kidnap home, the fat and ugly that you cannot help but want to hug and weather them from the possible onslaught of stinging insults that comes with the territory of those damning painful growing years, the beautiful ones you cannot help but admire like a little toy display and envy their fortune of possessing blessed genetics, the crying ones whom you want to either carry and rock to silence so as to take away their tears, or slap them into oblivion just to have that little peace and quiet.

was at the annoyingly abhorrent immigration building just the other day to do a little citizenship fix up. the crazy wait was ridiculous as usual, and the sea of people all cramped up in that waiting room does not come down in my book of jokes as funny, maybe that of bad sense of humour perhaps. with nothing better to do, of sorts, this dodo resorted to the old favourite pastime of people watching. it could not get any more entertaining than that. well, at the very least that was better than twiddling my thumbs and singing “why am i waiting” like a broken down radio.

there was this little midget of a grandfather in a faded white striped polo shirt, bermudas hiked up to his waist with pulled up long white socks in brown leather slippers, who was evidently quite the proud gramps despite the lack of fashion sense, taking into account that he was walking the rounds, mind you, at the immigration department as if it was a walk in the park; round and round and round. liken to watching a gorgeous hot chick walking down the street, the heads were turning, and the eyes staring like no tomorrow. and there he was, the gramps full of pride, beaming away as if he struck dirt gold. in all honesty, it probably was so in view that the little bundle in his arms was more than just the apple of his eye, but the most precious treasure in the world, and was worth more than gold or anything he owned.

that is what they are, for all the ups and downs they bring in all they do and say, or rather, babble. those precocious little ones who send all parents, grown adults with logical minds and developed brains, into a frenzied whirl. the beginning of the next cycle of life, with destinies of all sorts, in all directions, and yet all borne with a similar ideal, of that to carry on the family’s legacy, in one way or another, whether or not they love or hate it.

there are many in this world who do not measure one by one’s achievements, or qualifications, or material possessions, but by the offspring one has, strange as that may sound. a child is, without a doubt, the parents’ biggest cause of pride and joy; unfortunately, with that, also comes the inevitable largest cause of shame and pain that tags in covert silence behind.

ever wondered if you are your parents’ pride and joy, or shame and pain?

it does make one speculate if it is worth all that trouble and pain to bring a child into this world. after all, the menacing nuisances are highly frustrating and definitely life depleting; not to mention that the ache and agony of the heart is one not to be taken lightly and messed around with. yet, for all the good, bad, happy and sad, there are still copious numbers being brought into this world.

come all ye little ones, for it would seem that without you, there can be no light. there would be no amusement at the silliest things you do, no smiles when you grin and have this inexplicable light go off in your eyes, no gratification in your pursuit to learn all there is about this appalling place of a world, no contentment in an everyday life, no bliss as one slowly but surely slips away into an aging old whilst watching you grow.

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