Saturday, 12 July 2008

i can only love you...

was catching up on a girlfriend's blog and came across something she had encountered with someone she knew.

this was what this particular someone had said:

"even if you have married the girl... you don't own her"

"... so to be a good boyfriend/husband, i must give you your space and let you do what you want.. i must trust you. because I don't own you (nobody does), i can't control you.

i can only love you..."

in all honesty, there could be no wiser and truer words than these when it comes to the matters of the heart, and definitely very applicable to both genders no matter who the partner is. no doubt, such words ain't something all that uncommon and is something that probably comes easily to females without needing too much thought, perhaps because it is, possibly, innate to have such perceptive insight.

the thing that was more, no, make that most impressive, was that it was uttered by someone not of the female species.

sweet? indeed.

that girlfriend said it was one of the sweetest things she had heard that week. in consideration that it was a male who said it, am sure that there would be many who would find it hard to refute that girlfriend's statement.

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