Sunday, 10 August 2008

a diamond in the rough...

too many a time when one feels the encrouching trap of a dilemma, it can only leave one with a barrage of questions to answer and an avalaunche of loss that fossilizes one's being. in all honesty, how does, or rather, the question ought to be, how should one go on??? there just is no methodology that could give a canonical riposte to that equivocal enigma.

as one ponders and relives the lessons of the past, there is, somewhat, an automated triggering of the logical thought process, much to one's dismay. more often than not, there can be no legitimate rationale, what more with the absence of clarity in the emotional thought process. the nightmare of it all, is that there is no justification to how why one cannot be distinguished with the other despite the fact that they are, or seemingly so, discrete trains of cerebration.

through it all, there is much to be said, yet all the words in the world seem to fail the true concept. perhaps, and just perhaps, it will eventually lead to discovering that it is all, but an evolution, in presdestination to forge a diamond in the rough. if not, all it was cast for, could only be a treacherous end, that of a diamond in destruct.

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