Saturday, 23 August 2008


it has been a period of mad drunkeness, not so much me, but rather for those around me. whether for good, bad, happy or sad, there is always some sort of reason to drink. evidently, perhaps moreso to me where am standing at, that anything, and just about everything, can be used as a reason to get oneself into a state of inebriation.

honest to goodness truth, there ain't no escape the moment one gets on the road of getting sodden with intoxication. having said that, it therefore is a choice, and an extremely conscious one at that, although am sure that many would debate till the cows come home for the opposing argument. after all, the general stand is that no one wants to be drunk as a skunk, what more with the stinking aftermath of a hangover to deal with, yet, that has never, and does not quite stop uncontrollable brannigans from happening.

well, the boyfriends have been getting crapulous at birthdays, and girlfriends pixilated with their relationship problems. as for me, it has been an eyeopening awakening. never been quite a believer of libertine behaviour though am able to logically comprehend the want, and perhaps to an extent, the need for such dipsomaniacal debauchery.

it baffles and stupefies as to why it happens as such, but humans are a fascinating bunch in this bizarre roundabout way. times like these do make me appreciate the finer nuances in life much as there is much to hate about life. times like these, wake me up to my obtuse ignorance, and hopefully, shake me back into shape.

learning is indeed a neverending journey. thank you my dear teachers, for permitting me to partake, share, and learn from you, through you, at your expense. and frankly, it could not be more appropriate a time to give this big thank you to all of you, in view that teacher's day is just round about the corner.

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