Monday, 5 January 2009


much as the growing years were lamentable, nonetheless, it is undeniable that there have been blessings scarcely splattered amongst the growing pains, these little blessings who hold the title of "girlfriends". of course, there are also the unconventional ones who make the coolest "sisters", not to mention the rare selected few who phenomenally manage to bypass expectations, therefore allowing the possibility of boyfriends becoming brothers become a reality.

love them or hate them, girlfriends are very much a part of one's person as much as oneself, or one would never be quite so complete otherwise. nevertheless, for all the good and bad, one is more likely to love than hate them, even in the worst of foolish follies and unbelievable stupidity. evidently, it is undeniable, love is blind.

girlfriends are the strangest and best blessings one could ever have. when the going gets tough, chances are such, that one is more likely to look back on and be reminded of, rely on, or look for a girlfriend. it could be for that overdue spa loving with some floral or woody musk of an aromatherapy going on behind, or a chill on the beach and get that tan going so one stops looking like beancurd, or walking down empty streets hand in hand, completely silent, yet having had everything said out loud in more ways than one, or that much needed retail therapy where the cash must be burnt and credit cards swiped till beyond its limits, or having a cup of coffee or tea or hot cocoa with legs curled up and chatting till the sun goes down and rises up, in every sense, like there is no tomorrow. so big or small, round or bamboo lanky like, drop dead gorgeous or awfully butt ugly, girlfriends are simply irresistable, even if they ain't all femme fatales, and irreplaceable. having said that, reminds me that there are lots of "love yous" that are seriously way overdue.

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love you. :D