Sunday, 18 January 2009


to have and hold one thing, will definitely be at the expense of another, such is the principle of sacrifice. mayhap it can be said, that it is a version, where there is a bizarre and irrevocable warped twist, of isaac newton’s law. very entertaining.

there can be no glory in sacrifice, even in all its distorted deviation. one thing is for certain, there is a hefty price for its occurrence to come about. one’s pride.

it is ever so unfathomable if more or less is ever good, for the inexistence of equilibrium sets to confuse and defuse one’s intentions, leaving an infinite interim for regrettable error. at any one point, sacrifice only serves to leave one feeling damned if one does, and damned if one does not. absurdly distressing in all its unreasonable logic, it is never forgotten.

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