Tuesday, 28 April 2009


got last minute notice, no, make that command, to attend a wedding dinner. not that it was totally unexpected, but it certainly was something in the "did not want to have to do" list, and for a good reason at that. that being said, did it me did at the end, no questions asked.

wedding dinner was a pain to sit through because it was the usual eight course, minimum, serve up that required one to have to smile when one did not want to, socialize when one did not feel like and just look about as pretty as a decorative ornament for an insane period of time. the bigger ouch, having to sit at a bloody red table. for the non oriental girlfriends and boyfriends who are wondering why, here is a quick one hundred and one point to know, a red table at an oriental wedding equates to the status of being immediate family, or possibly the partner to an immediate family member, or child to an immediate family member, basically immediate family in one way or another to sum up. to top that off, was that it was a wedding dinner, all vegetarian. and no, this bit was pointedly forgotten information, albeit a little too conveniently in my honest opinion, that should have been told first hand. anyone who really knows me, will know me to be very much a carnivore, for herbivore this one really ain't born to be. so really, painful was an understatement, think agonizing suffering was more like it. however, did know for a fact, there was someone beside having it worst.

if anything, social etiquette, drilled into me for time eternal, had to be my saving grace. polite superficiality was a must, no matter how much one much rather just kick the chair, turn over the table and walk out. fended off open bug eyed stares and try so hard to be discreet but ain't glances, alongside the weird awkward questions of all sorts, machine gun shooting from all directions, mostly with regards to one's love life, that is non existent when it comes to the male species and not believed no matter what was said, resulting in explanation becoming futile, with a smile and minimal complaisant words before being blatantly barbaric became the new game. in all seriousness, if anything should have happened, it should have been receiving an oscar for sitting the dinner through. cool sophistication must have become the middle name for the night, was even dressed in accordance to boot, all in black.

spent the rest of the dinner just musing and observing all the going ons about at the table and every other table where my eyes and ears could and would land when not having to spar and play the million dollar question game, letting myself drift into the usual silent speculation about all that was going around. one's got to give oneself entertainment, if not, think would feel as if am wasting, and before long, some grosteque looking creature like the hulk would start to metamorphasize before everyone's very nosey eyes and go around terrorizing any breathing creature in that room. not a pretty sight, that much is for sure.

one, no one ever believes one when one tells the truth. one can even swear upon the bible. it never happens. tell them a lie and they are more likely to believe that than the truth. moral of the story, humans are delusional creatures, and wretchedly sad ones who live in perpetual denial.

two, it was a marriage that came about and happened after seven long years. in this day and age, it has got to be and is quite something when something can work out and reach such a benchmark. the bride apparently became semi buddhist, of sorts, and turned vegetarian, though she was christian. this is the part where one of my christian girlfriends will tsk a whole lot, though this does affirm my theory that it is technically and actually possible for people of different religions, particularly the combination of "christian and something else", to be in maritial union, much to the distaste of numerous christians out there. at the end of the day, it is about the give and take, period.

three, when people marry, they do not just marry each other, with the typical indian wedding in point and view, they do bloody marry the whole goddamn family. so if one does not like the family, for the love of god, do not marry. it is and will be disaster waiting to happen.

four, the world is awfully small, let alone when it comes to this cramped pinhole of an island, one never knows who one would end up bumping into at a wedding, even when the wedding is a peanut sized one. six degrees of separation could not be anymore creepy. therefore, keep very very quiet and blend, blend, blend into the background.

five, was told that the bride refused to fit into the gown, but rather said and insist that the gown fit her. thank god for a bride with common sense, for once.

six, people have nothing better to do than to stare when at a wedding. explains the need for so many visuals, pun intended, from the bridal gown changes to the video montages, and why the bridal couple are just about the busiest people at their own wedding, having trouble even finishing their own food in peace, or rather, they can actually forget about food. best of all, it ain't enough, so when the bridal couple ain't in sight walking about or having some video playing on the screen, the nosey parkers will not be abashed and shy when it comes to staring at other people.

seven, people are greedy monsters with insatiable appetites. it ain't just the about the visuals. it pretty much also applies to the food and just about everything else in life.

eight, for every time one feels like complete pottiness, there is someone else out there who is probably taking in much more crap.

nine, life is a lot more about love than one likes to think. its existance comes about in various degrees and types, and so therefore, emotion becomes and is in fact an essential. sadly, it is an unfortunate possession when haywire and decides to fuck up.

could probably go on and on with the verbal diarrhoea, but it ain't going to end if it did go on, so one's got to pull the plug and just end it there. and so, all the distasteful bits aside, got to give credit that it was a wedding where much thought was put into, given that the ideas were novel, where the video montage of the get together was presented like a film, with the twenty century fox logo in part of the reel and a box of popcorn, in all its cheesy red and white colors, as the takeaway thank you souvenir; where a mafia squad brought in the bride and groom in the second walk in, where some nutcase in the audience yelled "big boss", in mandarin, and in english a little later in the translated version, each call ending with the groom saying "thank you" in his thank you speech, before finally ending with the "brothers" and "mafia boss and wife" solemnly bowing in thanks in all black or any other dark color grandeur. that being said, there was some entertainment value, though was not quite up to laughing. not to mention, it was a little unbelievable, and abit of a joke, when heard how little resistance was given to the groom and the brotherly entourage in the bride reception. if it were me at the door, as was said and will quote that person, "there need only be one of you instead of a group of females at the door, and the groom can forget about getting through the front door, let alone the actual door, while the bride can forget about getting married. good luck to the poor folks." reminds me, there is an owe of a first class singapore airlines return ticket from wherever me would be at in future, and here is the standing written evidence of it.

there were several exchanges that happened in the midst of the night, the good, the bad, the happy and sad. makes me wonder who took the most out of it that night when it all ended. one thing for certain, not every individual was a happy camper, but then again, it really ain't my business.

an exchange of those little round rings may not necessarily mean a lifetime of happiness. however, that being said, it can be a lifetime of happiness and more, if "more" is taken into serious account, and not blindly factored out. there is a reason why mothers have this saying, "open both eyes when going into a relationship, and close one eye after marriage".

an exchange of time may not mean much to one, but it can mean the world to the other. this is where a difference can be and is made. add effort to the equation, and it becomes possible to change a hell lot of things.

an exchange of true love, of any form... priceless.

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