Saturday, 2 May 2009

ditching game...

had an early morning emergency call from granny asking me if it was okay to accompany her to hospital for her presurgery checkup. her appointment was at nine. the time of call, was eight thirty, could not get anymore brilliant than that.

not that me minded in all honesty as it did allow for me to see granny again and have a little catch up with her, though it really saddened the heart to see the state she was in. picked her up, accompanied her throughout the check up and even went marketing with her, just like me used to do when was a tiny tot, after she was done at the hospital before checking her in back home. what was not liked, was the extreme upset from the heartache and disappointment the stupid uncle put granny through, no thanks to his good for nothing character and lackadaisical attitude, who decided at the spur of the moment that he did not feel like taking granny to the hospital because he was having a hay day, wow.

granny spent the whole morning and afternoon grousing over uncle's behaviour while we were waiting for her turn, even calling him a "rotting log" and that she was better off if she had given birth to a block of wood, at least that could be put to better use, all the while with watery eyes but the tears just not quite falling. it ain't the first time the uncle has done this, doubt it would be the last, so honestly, ain't too impressed myself, god damn the heartless creep. seriously, what is it with the males me know who love playing the ditching game?!?

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