Thursday, 7 May 2009

thou shalt not...

as morning broke, so did the fever, of sorts that is, though still feel the germs having a go at a marathon to see if is possible to make the human body temperature reach boiling point. for now, the body pretty much aches as if it has been run over by a couple of army tanks, not to mention the abdominal muscles hurt as if a gazillion crunches were part of some lousy no good due punishment in boot camp for daring to share and breathe the same air as the staff sergeant. when the body is about as woozy as a drunk bird crash flying about the skies, and the head spinning like hurricane katrina, the following must be adhered to for plain sanity, not to mention pain relief:

thou shalt not sneeze.

thou shalt not cough.

thou shalt not breathe... too hard.

to sneeze is helluva painful, but to cough is far worse, for it is deadly, given that it causes severe contractions in the abdominal and chest cavities. as for the not breathing too hard, guess there is a distinct possibility old friend bronchitis decided to pay a visit as well as it does hurt to breathe, especially with "cold" air, though the problem is that it ain't freezing cold like being up in the rockies, it is only just a fan at low speed not blowing directly?!? the last time was this sick, it was a full one and a half months before recovery was in even in sight, wonder if the record will be broken this time around, if so, looks like am in for an extremely long haul, brilliant.

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