Thursday, 21 May 2009

nightmare in wonderland...

the past couple of nights of shooting have been a little like that of scenes taken out from alice in wonderland. for one, it ain't every day that one has a propitious moment to tinker around in a chapel turned restaurant as a playground, so guess that certainly gets to be filed under the category of pretty damn cool. of course, minus the threats of having hot wax rain on me from an exquisite standing candlebra, or being hit by a spotlight or any of the light equipment from the uneven scabrous semi mud puddle of a grass patch.

the second night was awfully unnerving given that was under the scrutiny of half a dozen eyes at any one time. our little table that was set aside was artificially cozy, without a doubt every inch the epitome of fine dining experience. bottle after bottle of bubbly popped specially for us just for food pairing. fatigue was the permanent partner of the day for everyone, so little wonder why we all went mad as a hatter past a certain point of the night, the wackiness ranging from silly foreign accents, to bad unintentional puns, to crazed talking to blank space, shadows and potted plants. the sky was pretty much the limit, and the world pretty topsy turvy, and no, it was not the champagne at work of inebriation to the point where pink elephants were seen in a herd march.

lights, camera, action, over, and over, and over again ain't no joke. talk about nightmare in wonderland. got to credit that the five course dinner was nothing short of scrumptious, and a delectable delight through and through at this unconventional late tea party, and no, it ain't no rabbit food. the course of dessert at repeat would be one sweet bonus although the level of full was up to the forehead whilst only at the appetizer. although would have to say, the cherry on the top was getting to bump into denise, although do not have a penchant for cherries, on the second night, and getting to hitch a ride back in an aston martin the first. way cool. what a way to end the night??? hell yeah. that much is for sure. and definitely more to come.

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