Friday, 25 December 2009

just ain't quite the same...

christmas time, mistletoe and wine. not. far from it.

the tree was painstakingly put up and carefully decorated with slow but loving hands because that was a missing piece of the christmas picture last year. the colors and background that you missed out on and would never be a part of, ever again. guilt and pain hung about in the air like the christmas stocking on my door.

there was no way christmas cheer could perk up the solemn atmosphere and make everything go away, even if for a little, seeing how season greetings were painfully forced out while the present exchange turned into such a sad muted affair. it was quieter, heavier, and somehow, it was just, that element of missing something, though in all honesty, think it was more missing someone than something. christmas just ain't quite the same without you.

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