Sunday, 27 December 2009

treasure hunt...

remembered coming across and reading a really interesting article in the papers on how a girl left little notes with scrawled love and doodled affection all over the house. hidden in all the most unlikely of hooks and crannies, the game of treasure hunt was one of the few things that have kept her parents going. the little girl had carried out her operation of "hide and seek" in secret, in the midst of her painful suffering, well knowing that her days were numbered, yet also knowing that she had to leave something behind.

her going was no doubt a lamentable tragedy to have to stomach, no parents ever want for their child to have an early departure. then again, death is never an easy pill to swallow, though chew, digest and crap it out, or chew and spit it out one still has to. at the end of the day, it does not really matter which way, especially when the end point is, supposedly, somewhat the same.

it was written in that article that her parents are still playing that game of treasure hunt till this day, always hoping to find buried treasure in a new little note hidden behind somewhere, in between something. each time, a new revelation is found in the middle of all the bittersweet memories and heartjerking tears. what this little girl did, is beyond admiration, and what she left behind, brilliantly priceless, though the best part, really, is the fact that she was only five.

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