Saturday, 12 December 2009

the morning after...

watching the sunrise quietly on the stairs outside as the deejay spins the decks in the background can be quite an experience. yes, was at one mega huge beach party, but not as part of the partying crowd, but as one of them worker bees to serve the crazy mad alcoholics. the words "bone tired" cannot even faintly describe what the night was like.

in all seriousness, all hell breaking loose is a stinking understatement. the night, was just yet another reminder, as to why am a big fan of staying away from places like these, and how me really rather choose death by a guillotine than to evolve into such a creature, no, gargoyle, of the night. one shalt not insult the good name of a creature.

walked into the party entrance in the evening, and pretty much crawled out that same entrance the very next morning, a good backbreaking voice shattering twelve hours later. amazingly slipped through the whole thing intact, with plenty of free mindboggling but awfully hilarious entertainment to keep me sane. the world was seen, yet again, through a different set of eyes, from innumerous deviant angles, so yes, good morning sunshine.

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