Tuesday, 15 April 2008

monkey business...

The past week has been a cluttered mess and a fluster of sheer exertion that leaves little for breathing even. What is the whole hustle and bustle about? Unadulterated eggcitement one might say.

To sum it up, time has been spent being a bona fide coolie yet again. Have gotten myself tangled up in ribbon strips and roll, papercut by cards and sheets signed by an agitated nervous wreck of a pseudo groom to be, sticky from being part of an egg and cake factory production, cramped up to the point it was short of lock jaw from smiling at the reception table, to being the post easter bunny prechristmas santa's elf helper with gift distribution. Even got myself conferred a fantastical new title. Another brilliant acquisition to my resume.

In truth, pretty much got the short end of the stick as compared to the parent, especially with the ardous carrying and painstaking labour for the poor pitiable mother. Three years of parturition is certainly laboriously exigent. No mother in her right mind would put herself through that sort of childbearing torture. Then again, no thanks to the ingrained program called maternal instinct, thanks to mother nature being the unceremonious joker, there is a spanking new youngun to be the future bringer of tidings of joy and misery. Trust her to still utter the cliched words of "he is worth it". That undoubtedly baffles this brain.

Being a participatory allotment in this unpalatable accouchement felt a lot like being a part of a whole medical team in the operating theatre, waiting in anticipation to welcome the new addition to this unforgiving world at the very golden moment. Taxing as it was, satisfaction was in abundance at the end of it all. Not too bad a final result for this medical doctor to be.

The birth has been nothing but a bittersweet process for one and all. Although it is still mindboggling as to why this dodo would illogically choose against better judgement to dabble in such mussy monkey business, perhaps it is the monkey lineage that irrevocably draws me to that intangible ligature. One would never really quite know. After all, it is such, monkey see, monkey do. And now to satisify the curiosity of onlookers and bystanders, here is introducing... the latest newcomer to the monkey family... the one and only... darling baby monkey...

Ain't it a beauty???

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