Wednesday, 30 April 2008

not crazy... just a little...

i'm not crazy...
i'm just a little unwell...

Certainly am one sick puppy, metaphorically.

On hindsight, probably am both crazy and unwell, nothing new or out of the blue there. Well, it ain't exactly one's cup of tea to wake up to seeing black spots all around, having the world spin off its axis, and throw up one's stomach's contents whilst brushing one's teeth. Not that there was much to throw up in the first place having just woke up.

It is the first few days of the week to being back at school, makes me wonder if am having the "back to school" disease with all the nausea, throwing up, bad appetite, head spinners and body thermostat going kooky. Then again, sounds, or rather, feels more like a bout of the good old friend of a gastric flu paying its biannual visit.

Now to figure out how to switch off that jackhammer that has been, and still is, pounding incessantly in my head. Makes me feel like taking a mallet to my head just to knock me out.

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