Thursday, 1 May 2008

bollywood in all its entirety...

Having found a new close girlfriend is sheer bliss. Conversations that jump more randomly than a skittish frog on lily pads, and go on to no end like the River Nile; having similar sentiments to life and its superficiality, and yet be two individualistic characters that are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum. It is my personal opinion and belief that blessings come in all shapes and sizes; and well, it is totally unthinkable how it is conceivable not to love this nutty avant garde package.

Our mutual love for dance certainly makes me feel we are some pseudo Siamese twins, perhaps joined at the hip?!?, separated at birth. Her specialty definitely differs from mine by a long mile; bellydance, bollywood, tribal, and fusions of the three, whilst mine is ballet, jazz, contemporary modern, street jazz and a little hiphop. Needless to say, this clumsy foot ain't nowhere near her touchstone since she is a professional, and a teacher to boot.

Having said that, it is very unfortunate that have not had the privilege of watching a live performance as yet, but will soon, she promised! However, the mention of bollywood certainly does bring back a bag of memories with friends, who have an idiosyncratic fetish for Bollywood entertainment in all its entirety, and their impeccable mimicry, from their recollection of those days where boredom was in abundance and channel flipping to catch a Bollywood movie became the next best option. From the whole dance routine of love expression, or confession, between the star crossed lovers, the dwarf of a harebrained joker, and the massive army of extra dancers who pop up from nowhere, to the insane costume and background or landscape changes that happen before one can even blink, especially the slow motion chase, and the typical dance around the tree. Think it is indubitable that hers would be plenty more graceful and eyecatching with the gorgeous costume and stunning makeup; definitely an eyeopener all in all.

It is irrefutable that this chubby dodo with two left feet can do no bollywood and would probably spoil the market. Nevertheless, it does not mean a lack of appreciation for the beauty and skill in the actual art. Yet, it is here that contradiction abides, for am going to share a little bollywood spoof just for laughs, particularly with, and for, that girlfriend in mind, for the irksome bad hair day. Her smile or laugh, if do genuinely get one out of her, priceless.

Got to say, that the guy in the tight grey pants with the red shirt tucked in is an absolute sight for sore eyes; and that the penguin twiggly head dance at around 1:58 to 2:04 is utterly hilarious. Then again, the whole video is just sidesplittingly zany. So sit tight, for you just might fall off your chair...

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