Saturday, 24 May 2008


One knows that spring is abound when the neighbours' gardens are in bloom in a myriad of colour like a kaleidoscope, and the streets are vivid in tones of reds, yellows, and greens. Not to mention trippy bugs that fleet around only to land on your hand inconspicuously perhaps hoping to stop for a breath before hurrying off in a flurry. Everything that has been in hibernation in sleepy hallow in shady dull tones grey have certainly woken up.

The city is constantly a bustle of activity since daylight is in abundance, so much so it makes one wonder if the sun is suffering from hyperactivity. One can be looking at the start of sunrise by five in the morning, and still be seeing the dusky horizons of sunset, slowly but surely, dimming around eight past at night. Lights are finally out a little past nine.

The supposed good mood of the weather does definitely factor into the awakening of the town. Almost anyone and everyone find excuses to be out in the streets, be it to have a smoke, or to sip that cuppa coffee and hang out with friends for frivolous chitchat under humongous umbrella shades that only open up, just like the flowers, in the spring and summer. Even happy hour in bars are hyper extended, so it ain't a surprise to see a couple of guys downing a pint or two at two in the afternoon.

In the case you happen to be wondering if these people actually work, as you can probably see, that answer would, quite apparently, be a big fat no. In all honesty, it is best that one quickly learns to assume, and not expect anything to get done for the preservation of one's sanity around here. As the saying goes here, "the weather is too nice for work", literally. There is a follow up grand statement for that bit, something even the locals cannot help but say whilst rolling their eyes and shrugging their shoulders in exasperation. However, that shall be another tale, yet again, for another time.

That is spring for you, here at the very least.

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Anonymous said...

the picture looks so quaint, i wish i could go down and enjoy the spring with you =) over here, it's fast approaching winter and getting progressively colder. the weather's been a bit like a bumble bee, really, up and down, side to side, and then up up and away again. but still, it's nice to know that you're enjoying the croatian spring with all those lovely vivid colours and bugs taking respite from all the buzz on your hand

would love to hear the follow up statement, though, do put it up! =) in the meantime, love you! big sloppy kisses, tuuth =)