Thursday, 22 May 2008

losing it...

Some just want to live while they are alive and get by with each day. That is what me call the worker ant or worker bee life syndrome. Perhaps it would be more appropriately termed, and familiarly known as "the innate imperative for survival". It is extremely intriguing how all of us fall into such a pattern somehow, one way or another. On a personal note, really do find it suffocating as find that it renders me incapable much as do acknowledge that there is a sense of comfort in routine.

A continuous pursuit in the mainstream can only result in insanity eventually due to a lack of development. Put another way, it will be the age old adage of trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole that would never really quite fit into those circular contours.

Maybe, there is just too much of a critical analysis going on here that would never really make sense. Either that, or there is too little physical evidence and statistics available to support the observation for it to make sense. Then again, there has to be a way to establish that connection without igniting some form of self destruction in the process.

Simply put, really think am just losing it.

Talk about structural unsound deformation. Despite the fact that it is high time for some serious reconfiguration, there is a hesitant reluctance to do so; because seriously, failure is not an option.

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