Sunday, 11 May 2008

filial piety...

To the above, all me can say is, guilty as charged for the lack of filial piety.

Having quite the wild ride on the guilt trip today. First up, ain't around for the girlfriend who is in a tank load of pain from the broken hand, bad enough. Second, was just reminded by my mommy that it happens to be mother's day today, and she had spent it with daddy, who just flew back in from Washington, having a tete a tete for two. She claims it is valid because daddy affectionately terms her "mommy", and vice versa. Right...

Unfortunately, just ain't in a position to do much, on top of not believing in mother's day's celebrations from all the commercialized hype and nonsense. Just feel really bad, make that extremely bad and beyond, that mommy cannot even have a decent family sit down because my brother decides to be an ass, and me, ain't even around. Little wonder why some say that a family dinner together is harder than striking the lottery. Truthfully, that statement ain't very far from reality, as given by the case study of this family, as am pretty sure for many others.

Good old Confucius advocated that filial piety is the first and above of all virtues one should have. Well, think am able to say that do try in all honesty. Nevertheless, there are times on reflection and contemplation that filial piety, for me at the very least, borders on blind loyalty; and when things go wrong, it is really not for the lack of trying, seriously.

In any case, while some lucky mothers out there are getting flowers, candy, sweet little cards of sappy expressions of love, there are others out there who do not have similar good fortunes of spending time with their kids. On hindsight, there is also the case of the poor kids who are in sorry states who would not have the privilege of sharing their innermost heartfelt wishes with their mothers. It certainly makes one cerebrate who is more deplorable, and why life is such a cruel joke.

Cliched as it sounds, but just like every and any other day can be one's birthday, valentine's day, father's day, and the list goes on, everyday is mother's day too as long as you love her, nagging and all.

Having said that, despite the fact that mother's day is overrated, loving one's mother ain't.

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