Saturday, 19 July 2008

firing up the old oven...

firing up the old oven generates an environment of heat, bringing out the toils of perspiration in every small process that would bring about smiles of chocolate delight at the very end. the chocolatey aroma that is churned out whips up sleeping tastebuds to crave that delectably sweet taste of sinfulness.

when the life stresses get a little too much to handle, strange as it might sound, there is something calmly therapeutic in doing routine domestics; stirring the mix consistently, cracking the eggs in, carefully measuring out the correct amounts, putting the full bake tray in, and then the anticipated wait of taking a piping hot tray out with the oven mitts, with smells up your nose, you could suffocate from the sudden overload of buttery chocolate. whilst the whole pan sits to cool, hastened by a turning fan blowing at top speed, the long wait is cut short, leading up to that moment of glee and contentment when the knife slices through effortlessly like cutting a slab of melted butter.

been away from the baking for quite a long while now, and am a little rusty when it comes to moving around the kitchen. the lack of smooth slides into the next step knocked me up a tad, but thankfully the end product was not too bad. could be better nevertheless, the old creaky machine just needs oiling up here and there, and a bit more practice me thinks.

started on the brownies, next up would be cookies, maybe a mini muffin or cupcake here and there if the baking supplies hold out. hopefully this time around, there would be a better progression to the cakes, especially the good old cheesecake, and a molten chocolate lava cake recipe that have been wanting to make an attempt at. the thought alone is mouthwatering. talk about yummy in the tummy. thank god ain't slobbering all over my keyboard, that would be obscenely embarrassing.

the best and most satisfying part after a major bakeout? is when one shares the spoils with all the loved ones around, especially the girlfriends who love their chocolate. then there would be that priceless moment, where they break into orgasmic sighs and colgate smiles after the first bite.

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OMG yes your famous bakes...

hello my dear where have you been? texted you but didn't get a reply.

talk to me!

we need to meet soon.... SOOOOON... text or call me?