Tuesday, 9 September 2008

dynamite keg...

granny's birthday dinner has come and gone. what was supposed to be a nice quiet family dinner, was the saddest occasion as could be. the turnout was not complete. Frankly, was hoping, and probably expecting better since granny would finally be going under the knife next week, and well, it could very well be the last birthday we would have with her, we really do not know...

the two female cuzzies could not make it due to classes, legitimate reason honestly, so do not blame them since school is definitely important. what was unforgivable was my first uncle who was a complete prick. fancy a fifty odd year old man throwing a tantrum and bitchfit over god knows what. as a result, he decided to not attend the dinner and even yelled at granny. granny had to call me, asking if mommy was around to talk to him in hope to change his mind to go for the dinner. to have to hear granny plead that way, was excruciatingly painful. it got my blood boiling, on top of being pissed off at the same time from being sick till, so told granny quite literally, "fuck him" in a dialect she understood. the vulgarity would probably have shocked granny out of her shoes, if not for the immense and evident disappointment. it was awfully heartrending to have to hear the dismal reply of, "okay, we will just go".

god damn respect towards the elders, with an uncle like that who behaves like a bloody insipid juvenile delinquent, there can be no respect, even if it is expected of me from this lousy no good rule of social obligation. fuck that.

in all honesty, had more than half a mind to cab over and bitchslap the stupid idiot of an uncle if not for the fact we were all rushing for time. granny did not need any further blows for the night. it was hard enough as it was for her to attend her own birthday dinner having come down with a bout of flu herself, and if she does not recover in time, her surgery would have to be postponed.

then, there was the presence of this particular extra at the table whom my disdain and distaste for surpasses human boundaries. in any normal circumstance, knowing me, would not turn up for the occasion, for the very simple reason that am unable to sit at the same table with her. if she was there, the female cuzzies and me would boycott whatever it was. yes, that is how much we hatefully resent and cannot stand that crass nitwit.

tolerated and kept it all in just for granny by mentally erasing her existence. the backup plan was to give her a dirty look and walk out for abit to calm down if the imbecilic dumbass still did not know how to shut her torpid trap, saying the most inappropriate brainless things at the most inept of timings. what was bloody annoying was that mommy gave me an unnecessary dumb warning in the car about not making a mess of things. honestly thought she ought to know better.

previously before that, mommy was a keg of dynamite herself when we went to pick her up after she went for a little fruit buying. refused to pick up her cellphone, slammed the boot, slammed the car door. as for me, was in a non plussed mood and figured that the dinner would be quite an event in itself, if she really blew up; and it would not be me igniting the start of it all.

well, accomplished what me set out to do, and that is to spend time with granny and attend her birthday. would not, ever, want to regret not being there if anything happens. cleared my schedule of work and what else, ain't taking in any assignments too to be the full time post operation caretaker for awhile. my life has enough torment and regret to last me this lifetime and the next two if there is such a thing of continual life cycles, refuse to let insufficient time with granny be one of that much as she would understand if me had to jet back for school. in a nutshell, school will always be there, granny would not.

fortunately, dinner was a quiet affair. the hebetudinous bullet train speed blabbermouth did not shoot her mouth off, the dynamite keg did not go off, neither did the walking ticking time bomb. and no, much as like to think it is, do not think my girlfriend meant it as a compliment when she termed me as that. wonder which is more scary...

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