Friday, 7 March 2008

friendly amusement...

From the days of the middle ages, men has lived to amuse themselves through whimsical frivolity. It certainly has, somewhat, come a long way from the more indigenous entertainment of that in the dark ages.

Despite having come a long way from the old primitive days, homo sapiens have yet to undergo an evolution that shows a change in this congenital trait of having the need to tickle the funny bone.

With that, it is with pleasure to present the beguiling specimen of the day, as fondly known and captivating to many - Uncle Albert.

Uncle Albert can be said to be the resident court jester in the royal playpen the whole bunch of us hang out at often. Without a doubt, he fits the bill of a domestic fool to a tee with the bright colored clothing, though it lacks the motley pattern, and the incessant laughter.

One cannot argue with the fact of reality that patriarchy is of the old hat and that, undeniably, it is pretty much the females wearing the pants these days. Not much of a skirt fan myself since pants can be equally, if not more, alluring in actuality.

In all honesty, there really is nothing wrong with having males being in a subservient, and females in a domineering position for once.

The new "bossdom" certainly does agree with the fetching female, affectionately known to her court in waiting as Xiaoshuo jie. Ahh, isn't that the life?

Evidently, it is imperative for Uncle Albert to keep Xiaoshuo jie and her court well entertained. If he does a poor job and incurs her wrath, he would risk being clamped up, stripped of his bauble and stuffed with it - the three week old rocklike baguette; since beheadment is not an option. One word - yucks. Talk about being put in modern day torture, quite literally.

So in his best interest, Uncle Albert has no choice but to... run!!!

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