Tuesday, 11 March 2008

under the sea...

The usual hangout has been nothing but a flurry of activity of late. If the imagination were to work overtime, it would not be totally impossible to be think of it as a cookie cutout of the underwater scene from Disney's "The Little Mermaid". In retrospect, it really does look to be quite a musical of its own "under the sea" though there ain't no newt on the flute or carp playing the harp.

That being said, although there ain't no plaice on the bass either, we do have someone of conceivable sea breeding who can actually play the bass, very well one might add, should you decide to go by the opinion by this pair of deaf tone ears. It is none other than our very own Clem, pun intended.

Well, the hive has been stirred into action, with and no thanks to the singing bigmouth in the house. Little wonder why Clem feels the need to put on a pair of headphones, it is honestly hard to fault him considering that would do just the same if were to be in his position to shut out the caterwauling. In honesty, it is either that, or slaughter the crab. Now that, unfortunately to his dismay, is his only lament since cacophony is not a plausible criminal charge.

The human broken down radio has been pretty crabby with the Mount Everest of a stress load from what all the excitement has been about. Honestly reckon it would only be a matter of time before he would be squished into a crab cake and served up on a platter.

So, what does the singing crab do when he is bored out of his wits? If he has any to begin with that is.

Evidently, he gets his crabby claws to work, innocuously creeping up on unsuspecting victims before the commiserable sitting duck can even put up a paltry fight for survival, let alone do anything... Incontestably, there can only be one apocalyptic outcome...

ending up looking like one very constipated clam...

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