Thursday, 27 March 2008


perspective is all of science and arts depending on how one takes it, but intertwined they are, if one only but looks beyond and is more conscientious in circumspect. linear perspective is a mathematical system for creating the illusion of space and distance on a flat surface, of which is applied even in leonard da vinci's work through the use of a horizon line, vanishing point and orthogonal lines. awfully provocative and ingenius if you ask me.

be that as it may, there is no science or mathematics that could factually rationalize the way one regards a situation or topic, nor any arts to express one's mental viewpoint or the delicate state of one's ideas comprehensively.

perspective can be likened to two sides of the same coin, so near, yet so far. differences in such instances could only be said to be devastating.

in retrospect, that reminds me of a girlfriend's adamant pet phrase when she was incensed about being misunderstood, "misinterpretation is the motherfucker of all fuck ups". pardon the language there. much as it is a little crude around the edges, and screwed up as it sounds, do really have to give her the credit for having a point there.

having said that, no thanks to this infamous odious hellraiser, have watched it wreck a friend's fairy tale romance of five years that could have had the blissful, an inch away from inconceivable rarity in this day and age, ending of "happy ever after". hell, had a pretty rough time myself, all thanks to this deceitful abhorrent troublemaker.

life really is quite the comedy of errors. in spite of all the persistent attempts at perfection, there can be no existence of an untainted and defectless utopia. should one choose to peruse through every single minuscule detail, one could jolly well miss the big picture. on the other hand, should one decide to look at things through the supposedly omniscient bird's eye view, one would plausibly miss out on all the little elements that make up the whole canvas. to put it in a nutshell, it is pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don't, of which does illustrate my personal theory that life is nothing but a joke.

sad to say, the obnoxious presence of misinterpretation will be around to stay till kingdom come, and ludicrous as the thought of it is, one has no choice but to take things in perspective. the irony of it all, it is pertinently much ado about nothing.

in all technicality, it has been conjectured that am one in this world, but not of this world. therefore, the dodo viewpoint can only be said to be quite out of this world, and be postulated as "the alien perspective" that would always be somewhat dubious.

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