Wednesday, 12 March 2008

the little things in life...

many a time as one journeys on in life, the natural inclination is to look above and beyond the horizons, to see the world and more... little do we know that in such instances, oft times, the little things are left out... not to mention, recurrently forgotten. what is worse, the total annihilation of its existence, or being obliterated on being out of sight???

noted duly that the little things may not count for much a lot of the time, nevertheless, it is without question that a little does unequivocally accumulate to a lot by and by. the principle of it all may look transpicuous, but dealing with it ain't. If the smell of an insinuation about procrastination is wafting around, your nose ain't playing a fool with you.

how is it then, that the little things are repeatedly blotted out in one's mind's eye??? for one, the little things in life certainly do not carry a deceptive aura. two, they are not perpetually microscopic in size to the point they are interminably imperceptible. therefore, it does boil down to the question if such disregard is due to the exiguity of importance or an affluence of bearing.

as for me, my disposition is such that am one that has a penchant for majoring on the minor, and more often than not, irritatingly enough and exasperating as it is, at the wrong time. what to do, woe is me.

notwithstanding my personal predicament and bone of contention with the paramountcy of the little things, there is a speck of truth in the statement that "things in life that matter most... are the little things"; or else life would not be a bitter pill to swallow, or a sour lemon to suck on, or that saccharine sweet to chew on...

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