Tuesday, 10 June 2008

fat day...

Reckon it must be the stress getting to me, especially when you find that you get plagued by the strangest cravings ever. Anything from a medium rare beef filet mignon, tenderloin preferably, to dark chocolate, to blood. Never been one to be hungry, therefore it would technically be impossible to eat a horse since the saying associates the both of them. In view of that, would like to see someone attempt to do that with the Herculean horse as shown. Despite the fact that am not disturbed by the human necessity of hunger, the itchymouth has been relatively active in chewing around the clock.

It does not help that am sitting on my ass a good whole day most days while trying to nail my books. Makes me sluggish and like a total piece of whale blubber, alongside the constant fatigue that leeches on my back. Talk about having a fat day. Bummer. Days like these make me wish that the vacuum cleaner was multifunctional and backs up as a liposuction machine.

To that particular you who calls me a fat ass, whom a close boy friend calls a mole for a reason, that being your inadequate and inferior eyesight despite telling me you have twenty twenty vision and can quality to be a pilot; you better not say a word or there will be a whole lot of moledom wished upon you, amongst other girlfriends who would smack you silly for even daring to think those hideously asinine words. And to quote a girlfriend, “no amount of cuteness" is going to save you.

In all honesty, the fat kid in me is just dying to chug a gigantic bar of chocolate and stuff myself silly. Admittedly, it is a pathetic attempt to comfort and assuage the examination phobia. Heaven forbid that it would get the better of me, although it cannot be denied that it could be a possible reality.

Fear could potentially cause me to convulse into a state of hyperventilation.

Hyperventilation could possibly cause serious damage to my physical condition; killing me, slowly, surely, bit by bit.

Fear, therefore, kills me, inside; finishing me off little by little, until there is really nothing left behind.

On second thought, if fear does not get to me first, atherosclerosis will.

What a way to go. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

i think i could eat that horse. and which idiot uttered such asinine rubbish? such riffraff is not to be bothered with

no harm in glugging down a bar of chocolate once in awhile.....or two...or three.....maybe ten?


the little one who cares said...

hi loothie dear...
me'd applaud u if u could eat up that horse... but u might want to take it down in chunks than a whole... don't exactly fancy u getting indigestion... as for the idiot that uttered such asinine rubbish... one that evidently exists to examplify human moledom... at least now u know why that bumbling moron was called a mole... will probably stick with a whole roll of chocolate biscuits... comfort food for stress...xþ!!! -hug- hope u're holding up well and bundled up like a dumpling for the winter...