Sunday, 8 June 2008

room service...

Finally managed to catch a sprite of a girlfriend who has been missing in action for abit and she mentioned that she was having room service since she was out of town for a couple of courses. Was certainly dreadfully envious of her, for it has been eons ago when room service was an available privilege.

Must have spoken those words out loud, or at least, think of it a tad too blatantly because strangely enough, room service really happened, to the doorstep, yet again in the form of a housemommy and a picnic basket filled to the brim. Was really only expecting a plate, honest to goodness truth.

In it, was nothing short of a lovingly prepared variety of homemade delectable treats. The lunch menu of the day: lightly salted grilled chicken slices and baby potatoes, cucumber salad with cream dressing, a healthy dessert of mixed seasonal fruits of cherries, peaches, apricot and raspberries and last but not least, a little chocolate bar of local origin that is the equivalent to a chunky kitkat bar.

The dinner menu of the day: a little container of soup of celery, cubed carrot, peas, parsley, onion and beef bits, a small bread loaf, with a healthy serving of fresh cottage cheese, a few slices of prosciutto ham, and a local dessert of sun dried figs. Oh, and not to be forgotten, a bottle of freshly squeezed strawberry juice that was yummiliciously sweet. The thought of the effort behind the juicing of the strawberries was already a heart sweetener in itself really.

To top it off, there was also a fresh sprig of lavender she had picked herself for me to put on my pillow. She says it is good and would help with the bad sleep.

All in all, think me got the better end of the stick as compared to the girlfriend. However, her being this nice to me often sends me off on a guilt trip for not being better in kind, not to mention makes me feel like Yogi bear stealing a picnic basket. Nevertheless, really could not ask for better room service, especially when it was a delivery in the rain.

A heartfelt thanks was expressed to the kind housemommy who has extended her generous hospitality in more ways than one, on more than one occasion. However, words really fail me at this point of time as no words could or can ever really express how in totality.

What else can be said then? Well, maybe ought to start letting my mind go awandering off about breakfast in bed and see if that might just materialize in reality. Alright, that is really fat hope speaking, beg pardon there, but you cannot fault me for trying, right?

Truthfully, only two words come to mind. Bon app├ętit!!!


Anonymous said...

my mouth literally watered reading the details of your lunch and dinner menus. seasonal fruit salad! and strawberry juice!

i want to meet a housemommy nice as yours. for some reason i see a plump hearty woman of a certain age with wavy golden brown hair and blue eyes. always looking robust and cheerful

i suppose the bad sleep will be somewhat assuaged, and not just because of the lavender sprig


love you! -big hug-
from 2-in-1

gloria said...

hello dear,

it sounds like a sumptuous meal indeed. i am glad for you; nobody deserves such hearty fare more than you do.

anyway i hope all is well with you back there in Cro. if you need earplugs let me know, I'll send 'em to you ;)

love you lots!


just one... said...

hi my two in one hot momma...
u've pretty much got the hearty woman right coz she's definitely all heart... but she ain't nowhere plump and pretty fit for her age... she plays tennis regularly and does yoga and loads of other things... she does've wavy but short honey golden brown hair and light brown eyes... think flecked with bits of green... no idea... haven't stared into them exactly... and she's certainly robust and cheerful most of the time if she ain't down with the cold... think of her as sturdy stock but modernized version... she has a damn cool car to boot... can't help but love her...;)!!! -hug- and yes... love u lots too... can't help but smile at how cute u used two in one... u make yourself sound like a cuppa... but yummilicious all the same... -fat squishy hug-

just one

the chubby dodo said...

hi sweetie...
thanks so much for dropping some love on your way by... definitely missed that and more... it was quite abit of food and took a few days to finished... guess it's a thing with my moms with wanting to stuff me with food... or just plain maternal instinct at work perhaps... and as for the rowdy bunches left... right... up... down and all around... well... just got to wait for football to be over... u must be staying up pretty late to catch the matches considering it's the eurocup... have taken to wearing my ear mufflers when it gets really bad... and it's not even winter... will try to snap a shot for u to've a laugh... thanks so much for the offer of earplugs nonetheless... the thought's a heartwarmer... missing u lots and can't wait to catch u... things're brewing and boiling up like a cauldron and there's an acne landmine eruption on the face... but oh well... what to do... all part of examination stress... love u lots sweetie... -hugs and kisses- girlfriend time soon...