Monday, 9 June 2008

honky tonk cacophony...

The streets have been filled with a deafening symphony of car honking the past couple of days. Awfully annoying as it is, there is really little else one can do except shut oneself off or stuff one's ears with cotton balls hoping for the honky tonk cacophony to stop.

When the earsplitting raucous starts, there can only be one conclusion, and no, it is not a bad day of traffic due to some lousy traffic light breaking down, but rather, football season. Yes, the all hated football season, no offence intended to the soccer fans out there.

Football season here takes the extreme end of the spectrum. Mark my words, it is only one end of the spectrum more often than not. It is the cause of rambunctious activity in every corner of the neighbourhood and city with all the alcohol, adrenaline and testosterone on the loose. In the worst of cases, it is all hell break loose. Hell, even my housemommy told me to stay in, just in case.

In milder cases, it is just screaming tyres on the streets, neverending car honking, and your neighbours either cursing and swearing for all their lungs are worth, or attempting to smash the walls down to extend my living room space whilst happily boinking away like horny jackrabbits, or what it sounds to be like, the whole bloody day. It is impossible to even use the damn bathroom without hearing the neighbours on the other side, inconceivably possibly doing the very same thing. Honestly, if the neighbours worked any harder at it, fitting in a jacuzzi hot tub into my bathroom just might become a very real possibility.

Damn the stupid walls for not being soundproof. As am typing this, am hearing a couple of thuds just behind me. Thank god it is not a continuous sonorous thumping like a jackhammer on a construction site. And no, do not think the neighbours are that interested, let alone enthusiastic in moving the furniture at two o'clock in the morning.

So whilst my poor ears are subjected to pure torture of such offensive decibels and are working on cultivating a newfound friendship with them cottonballs, there is really little that can be done till football season is over. Reminds me, got to check the telly guide for that auspicious date and probably light fireworks, if possible, to celebrate its glorious end.

The aim of the day, hear no evil.


gloria said...

hi dear,

I typed out a whole message but promptly lost it. how smart.


I watched the match last night, Cro won, I know you must be going crazy with the noise and all. Billy has some good earplugs they use in the army, I think I should really get some to you. Don't think earmuffs are gonna work that well.

So tell me your address! Mail me or something.

I said a prayer for you the moment the match ended because I know your sanity and your ears would be tested. God preserve your ears, its gonna be mad...

Mothers are ... their instinct is to feed people with food, and I'm glad you're well fed. Face may have acne, but you are still a gorgeous person. We'll def catch up when you get back :) but this time, let me know in advance so that no phone networks are gonna cut short us spending time tog!

love you heaps


the chubby dodo said...

hi sweetie...
it's ok... it happens to the best... and worst of us... anyways... yup... u were right about cro winning... it was one heck of a blast on the streets... u'd see when u read my entry on it... -hug- thanks so much for the concern and loving thought to send me earplugs... examination's up next week... doubt it'd get here in time... but it's ok... will manage somehow... then'll readily arm myself for the next onslaught the next time around it happens... kind of forget that uefa's like the holy grail here in these parts of the world... but u got it pretty much right... it was madness... u're right with the mothers bit... but think all of us... much as we complain... do enjoy and treasure the mothering we get from time to time... guess it's nature's way of making life that tad bit easier... -hug- thanks for thinking of me so highly... it's nice to know that when one feels and looks like a walking pimply dot that your girlfriend still thinks of u as gorgeous... yup yup yup... we'll definitely catch up when back... will send u an email or a note somewhere online so that there'd be no shortage of girlfriend time this time around... if not... we'll yabber the ears off the telco operators to no end for lousy connections and receptions...;)!!! right back at u sweetie... love u tubs... -smuacks-