Sunday, 15 June 2008

girl power...

Sometimes my thoughts wander off on a tangent, turn around the most bizarre of corners, and arrive at the strangest of places, even to the point where the existence of females is questioned in my rambling speculation. Ever wondered what is the point of the existence of females?

In all honesty, when there is the existence of transvestites who can walk the walk and down a walkway better than any regular girl as if it was a fashion runway; and talk the talk by holding their end of a flirtation better while reeling their catches in; and basically blow your mind off and go “damn” with the Jessica Alba like type bodies, you really wonder since evidently the men can and are doing it better.

Could the world survive without females? Well, to put it in some semblance of logic, even if warped, if the Amazonian world could make it work; technically, there is no reason why the Tarzanian race would not be able to do the same. After all, more than half the time, females are told, and expected, to leave the thinking to the men to figure out. With that train of thought in line, then, why not?

A girlfriend mentioned about wanting to smash a gigantic statue of a penis and glorifying a sculpture of breasts so as to make a statement about the female’s aptitude and capabilities, as well as make a point as to crush the double standards placed by a society that still seems to be living in the days and rules of the Neanderthals. One would think there would be a little more equality considering the fact that it is, after all, the twenty first century.

Point in cheek, an Amazonian world existed and still does in some cultures, but a Tarzanian one did and does not. In this no good lousy dog eat dog civilization, what does that say for survival of the fittest?

It can be said, to an extent, that males know nothing about pain. It has been scientifically proven in studies that females have a higher level of tolerance for pain in comparison to the males. That is probably why nature made females the carrying vessels of nine months torture, not to mention the monthly agony that plagues countless females.

My fascination with females knows no bounds. There is always something new to learn and be amazed by. No doubt the unpredictability drives me crazy, but guess that is a small price to pay for my muse. Truthfully, the things a female can do and will do in desperate and dire circumstances garner my respect and awe, short of kiss the ground one walks on.

Having said that, this chubby dodo salutes… girl power.


gloria said...

yes, salute to girl power. and this is why I agree when you say that it is us females who have to endure the agony of monthly suffering.

ANYWAY. Are you sure you DO NOT want those earplugs? They will come in useful, trust me, my dear. Even if not for Euro, perhaps for something else. You NEVER know what may come up!

I say, prepare your ears once again. Tonight is going to be yet another day of honkytonk cacaphony... but if Cro loses, I think it'll be mayhem and sorrow that will fill the streets.

but anyway, dear, all the best for your exams. let me know how they go, alright?

take care of yourself. pimples come, yes, but pimples go away too. no sweat. looking forward to seeing you soon.


Anonymous said...

hey sweetie!

finally finished all power! i would say double girl power if baby was a girl, but seeing that he's a boy..still!

i always had a fascination with amazonians myself. tarzanian society.....nah. wouldn't survive. lol

hang in there! BIG HUG. love you

yours always
mother and son