Friday, 6 June 2008


It did not quite travel to India, although it did travel thousands of miles over the mountains, over the trees, over the oceans and over the seas via optical fibres. Dumb assed this one had to be to accept it, albeit extremely grudgingly, in view that there was not much of a choice considering it was a copy and paste straight onto my screen.

So slave and work on it me did, only for me to shave two years off my life when things went awry when the winds decided to change and blew in a storm. It shot my network into a frenzied mess and left me with a deadline, that was not mine to begin with?!? Not to forget that for once, time zone difference is actually not in one's favour, aside from the jet lag that is physically damaging to the human body, since am in the zone that is behind in time.

All in all, aside from being stuck in an asphyxiated state of anxious perplexity and writer's frustration, not to mention hearing the f word in echoing reverberation off the four walls, it was just a big fat kick to the butt. Talk about an amplitudinous wakeup call with thunder and lightning in the background to boot.

For starters, kindness does not beget kindness. Two, it does not pay to be nice. Three, bad karma always comes aknocking but good karma never does, probably from too much voodoo doll poking and cursing that the tenfold return has exceeded this lifetime's lifespan by another three lifetimes.

While there are times that one would like to think that "what goes around comes around", that saying never seems to be applicable in such situations, not unless it were to be me on the receiving end. The buddhists would probably preach that it was my bad doings from my past life or debts that was owed that has to be repaid in this lifetime. Heaven forbid if it has to go beyond this lifetime since am not a believer of lifetimes, although admittedly do nonsensically rant on it from time to time in jest. Maybe that is punishment for using words in vain? god knows.

Therefore, much as would like for someone to do my homework and welcome that same someone with open arms to take my examination for me, shall shut up on that after having been the victim of being picked on to pick up and put together someone's pieces.

The lesson of the day... do your own damn homework!!!


Anonymous said...

it really sucks when someone thrusts their work on you and expects you to do it.......the storm did come at an inopportune time! might be a sign? "sorry lah. pai say. you go do yourself, okie?"

sigh. but those words are hard to say, though

but i hope everything will be fine for you what with exam revision, doing others' work, and'll reach the other end of the tunnel, and no the light you see won't be coming from a train ready to run you down

as always, i love you! and i'm rooting for you. always

lots of love
the one who loves the little one who loves me

the little one who loves u said...

hi sweetie...
couldn't agree more with what u said about the sign... coz that was seriously what ran through my mind at that point... one of those funny moments in life that had to go about proving a point in that quirky way... nonetheless... u're right... and it's a fact unfortunately... that those words're just so hard to say... especially when the person who dumped it on u's somewhere u care about... care definitely comes with a hefty pricetag of obligation... as for the unbelievable amount of revision that needs to be done that has yet to be covered totally... not even looking to reaching the end of the tunnel and rather've that train run me down... what a way to go...xþ!!! thanks so much for rooting for me... can imagine u doing the whole rara thing with the little one within doing a cartwheel in a sackful of water... -fat hug-


Anonymous said...

LOL! sackful of water! you always make me look at things from a different facet. i don't know about those cartwheels, but the little one has been doing the kallang wave, that's for sure. and while he used to jab me either at the right or the left, yesterday i definitely felt distinct simulataneous jabbing at both ends of his little world

-big hug-

love you