Sunday, 28 June 2009

a gentleman's bliss...

unforgettable moments that were simply beyond description, are all that can be said about big brother barney's wedding. it has been years since last saw godbrother barney, and the next monumental time we did meet, had to be his red letter day. time is really slipping by.

big brother barney is really a little like barney the dinosaur, in terms of longitudinal size that is. he has goddaddy benny's giant stature and is massively tall, though skinny like a beanpole and not all that huggable, though goddaddy benny was alot more huggable given his love for food, what more with godmommy brenda being a top notch cook. giants they may appear to be, but there is nothing, in the least, intimidating about them at all. if anything, it can only be said that there is a quiet strength in these two gentlemanly softhearted giants me know from the beginning of time, or at least, in the beginning of my knowing them. perhaps the term "pillars of strength" is more apt. guess that would make them pretty good candidates for the infamous name of "twin towers".

quiet as a church mouse, literally, big brother barney was a boy of few words, and a man of fewer words. think any of our conversational exchanges in my lifetime, can be easily counted on two hands, tops. the number of questions in each conversation would only make one hand at most, with the answers to those questions, in counted words, making up the fingers of the other hand, with the out of the blue, rarer than the blue moon, answer having words, in a sentence, making up my twenty fingers and toes, maximum.

the wedding speech, had him talking more than have ever heard in my whole lifetime, literally. that was and will probably be the only time where will ever hear big brother barney have a case of verbal diarrhoea. and apparently, he did not just have verbal diarrhoea. he also sang, in front of a whole church of people, for the new wife. this part surprised even my godparents and godsisters, let alone the friends. they would never ever think he was even capable of singing. that was how underused his larynx and pharynx was. seriously, either it is the bride, or he is making up for lost time. if you ask me, honestly think it is the bride. well, good for him if it is really so, because it must be and has got to be one of those made in heaven matches that is going to and will work out.

even more unbelievable, was catching big brother barney tearing in his wedding video when he was saying his wedding vows. of course there was also that momentous scene, secretly captured, where goddaddy benny was tearing, again. beautifully tearjerking, not to mention heartwarming to actually see the emotions behind those tears of two very dear gentle giants, if not for the fact my tearducts are out of order and have none to fall. although have never met the wife, let alone talk to her, the first time being that three seconds where got to express my heartfelt congratulations at the farewell door line up, this is one red string that was not wrongly tied, thank god. could not be happier for big brother barney, even if he failed to recognize me. nothing new, considering it is just another one of those things that has been happening a fair bit more than normal, as usual, especially when little boy ain't just one feet tall no more. all in all, one week ago, it was a day of a gentleman's bliss, in every sense of the word, pun intended.

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