Wednesday, 17 June 2009


it ain't an everyday event getting an assignment that is celebrity studded, especially when it is one of such big scale that even the "entertainment" is flown in. certainly unexpected and a huge ass bonus if you ask me, especially when one is paid to work and gets to watch. of course, minus the screwups here and there, everywhere actually to be more precise.

bumped into quite a few familiar old faces. could not be recognized as usual, probably due to the size difference, alongside the same old "before and after extreme makeover" trick. it is always fun surprising people in such a way, my cheap thrill, sadly.

everyone was probably more mesmerized by the korean actress from some latest drama serial, while fantasizing fluffy daydreams of getting together with the local hot bod paul foster, or the specially flown in sizzling magician. paul was a real doll in honesty, be it in speech or mannerism. thank god there are people out there with manners and down to earth attitudes.

cyril did indeed work his magic, dazzling the ladies, as usual, and swept them off their feet, so much so they were pretty much looking to be walking on cloud nine. got to give it to him that he is bloody good in his trade. then again, he has to be, or else he would not have been flown in to stage a performance here.

before that, none of the girls knew nor cared two hoots who the hell cyril takayama was. think they probably had several second, and third, thoughts after the night was over, though cannot say the same for the guys. staying in the background as much was the modus operandi as usual, watching the whole world go by. and boy does it get entertaining from the sidelines, especially when one catches the guys having a case of sour grapes with the whole alpha male testosterone raging "competition" going on the moment the other girls start primping and going positively gaga over cyril, not to mention the massive bitch fight going on between two groups of girls. lesson of the night though, just do not be the one to get entangled into the mess of a bitch fight, because it really is a bitch to be in. and yes, to put a face to the name to who the hell cyril is.

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