Tuesday, 30 June 2009

those itchy hands...

those itchy hands were deserving of a sentence no less than that of decapitation. the idiot of those itchy hands was probably itching for a deed of emasculation in cold blood. those itchy hands "acting" on such behavior, even if under the influence of alcohol, is inexcusable, no matter how, no matter what.

those itchy hands should have digits brutally broken at every single joint, with those metacarpels crushed, and probably also run over by an old smoking train running on coal, smashed into calcium shards beyond repair. those itchy hands should have every running arteriole, venule and capillary snapped like that of broken violin strings. those itchy hands should have every muscle fibre picked at, pulled at and twisted with steel forceps.

the idiot of those itchy hands should have been made a modern day eunuch for the better good of every female for no female should ever be subjected to such degradation and disrespect. the worst part, is not just the feeling of disgust that arises for such lowlives, but rather, that for one's being and gender alongside the shame and resentment. the world is unfair indeed, and this is just one of the many loathed bits of it.

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