Wednesday, 4 June 2008

the roach...

A girlfriend was having a bit of a roach issue the other day and was left feeling terribly perturbed the whole day no thanks to the pesky vermin. If it were in my ability to, would have headed straight down to her place, even if it was at three in the morning to kill that fluttering nuisance with a good thwack with the trusty rolled up magazine.

Unfortunately, that could and did not quite happen. The lucky little bugger fled for its life into her closet, and so it ended up being pretty much a declaration of war at the irksome pest; a good sixty dollars worth of it if might add. Hell hath no fury like a female on a war path.

Well, it was a victorious battle and the dirty germ infested bug did get exterminated at the very end. Apparently, it just plopped dead when she opened the closet door. Probably got too greedy and fed off the sticky pad of pesticide and landed up giving itself a massive case of poisoning, and ain't going to say that am feeling sorry for it since really do not quite feel it.

Ironically, the entire roach incident did trigger off something else; a single thought. It sent me contemplating about the concept of "the roach spirit". The essence of "never say die", quite literally. Kill one today, another tomorrow, and another the day after, and yet, there would still be a multitude to slaughter. There can be no end to it, very much sadly in this case.

The moral of the story is not to say, go forth and multiply, but rather, to be like a roach. Oh yucks, hard to believe that came out from me. Better get to brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth out with soap and mouthwash.

Having said that, everytime my dependable solid roll of a newspaper whacks one into a green and brown puddle of smuck, it will be a constant reminder to me what it means to have an "undying spirit", and how that is very much applicable in life when one really feels like throwing in the towel in frustration and just call it quits.

Gross example as it may be, guess it works if it gets round to being a much needed prod at how one should get on with one's life. Fancy that, my life direction, being dictated by a roach. Someone up there must be having a whale of a time playing such a sick joke.


Anonymous said...

go forth and be like a roach! lol. haven't heard that one either, ever. i always learn something new from you =)

muacks. huge hug and kiss

me and the little one within

Anonymous said...

hi sweetie...
ever heard of something fairly similar... though coming from u... certainly never heard of that one quite like the way u put it... somehow... it has that shakespearian bardish tone to it... -fat hug and kiss- yup... u can definitely tell that to your little one within when he's in a position when he's down in the dumps and needs a motherly perk me up talk... along with a plate of cookies and cuppa milk... -hugs and kisses-